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Orthopaedic Issues


Back Pain and Nervous System Disorders 

Did you know your spine is connected to your pelvic floor in more ways than one? Not only are there bony and muscular connections from the base of the spine to the pelvis, but all of the nerves that influence the pelvic floor start in your thoracic, lumbar, and sacral spine. Joint, muscle, and nerve irritation in the back, and abnormal spinal/pelvic postures can affect pelvic floor function, and be responsible for pelvic pain/dysfunction.


The pelvic floor can also refer pain into the back. Back pain is something many of our patients suffer from, and it is often correlated to abnormal core/pelvic mechanics and postures. In addition to this, you have a nervous system that controls your fight or flight response and organ functions in your spine, and if these nerves are over or under active this can contribute to chronic pain, auto-immune, urinary, bowel, and sexual problems. The spine and nervous system are an integral part of body and pelvic function, so we will work with you to identify back pain problems AND how to resolve them. 

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