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Birthing Preparation


Birthing Preparation

As the pregnancy progresses, we will help you prepare for labor, delivery, and the 4th Trimester (immediate postpartum). We are supportive of your goals for delivery and will help you prepare for a smooth experience by:


  • Optimizing pelvic floor muscle length and tension

  • Improving hip and low back strength and mobility

  • Preparing the perineal tissues to minimize tearing

  • Breathing strategies to promote optimal labor

  • Pushing assessment and training for effective pushing

  • Guidance and options for safe labor and birthing positions

  • Techniques to minimize diastasis during pregnancy and delivery

  • Enhancing and engaging abdominal wall and deep core muscles to assist with pregnancy pain, labor and delivery and postpartum changes

  • Strategies for the first 4 weeks postpartum to optimize healing

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