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Orthopaedic Issues


Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain is defined as “persistent pain that carries on for longer than 12 weeks (3 months) despite medication or treatment.” Research shows that after 3 months of prolonged pain, the nerve pathways in the body and brain become hypersensitive and can trigger pain reactions that become much more constant, severe, or easily provoked.


Data indicates that up to 40% of the U.S. population suffers from chronic pain, and of this number 8% have symptoms so severe they cannot function in their day to day activities. Chronic Pain can be debilitating not only physically, but mentally and emotionally; often impacting not only the individual, but their family, friends, and other people that surround them.


Research also shows that chronic pain is often times made worse by environmental factors such as increased stress, trauma history, lack of sleep, lack of physical activity, and fear of pain. At Empassion Pelvic Health, our therapists are trained to not only assess and treat your physical symptoms, but work with you on additional contributing factors to your pain in order to start your healing journey from long-standing issues. 

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