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Bladder and Bowel Control


Incomplete Emptying of the Bladder 

Do you ever have a sensation that you haven’t emptied your bladder after you’ve gone to the restroom? Do you get up after urinating and then have to go right back to the toilet? Do you ever pee, get up, and notice that you dribble or leak when you move around? These are all signs that your bladder may not be fully emptying when you void.


Incomplete emptying of the bladder can have several culprits including abnormal toileting postures/behaviors, tension in the abdomen or pelvic floor, prolapse, or coordination problems between the bladder and pelvic floor. If these issues go unaddressed they can often contribute to other urinary problems including leakage, increased risk of UTI, and urgency problems. Your PT will work with you to find the culprit of incomplete emptying.

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