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Orthopaedic Issues



Pain, numbness, or tingling that radiates down the leg is often given the blanket term “sciatica,” but the reality is these symptoms and their culprit may actually be much more complex. There are many nerves and vascular structures that go to your leg. They originate in the spine and trunk, and course through the front and back of the pelvis to supply blood flow, sensation, and control to the legs and feet. If the nerves or blood vessels are irritated at any point along their pathway in the spine, abdomen, pelvis, hip, or leg by things such as joint/bony restriction, disc pressure, muscle/ligament tension, scar tissue, or inflammation, they can exhibit symptoms of pain, numbness, or abnormal sensation.


Our PTs have a thorough understanding of the pathways and functions of these structures, and with thorough evaluation can determine the origin of these symptoms in order to appropriately treat the culprit of your problem. 

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