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Bladder and Bowel Control


Chronic Urinary Tract Infections

UTIs, or sensations of UTI, are symptoms that once they start reoccurring, can spiral out of control and consume patients' lives. Urinary Tract Infections can be caused by many things including incomplete emptying of the bladder, the urethral area being exposed to bacteria, and PH/bacterial imbalance in the vaginal/bladder region.


Infections that repeatedly occur overtime can create a vicious cycle of irritation, inflammation in the bladder and pelvic area. Oftentimes this inflammatory process may even create “symptoms” that mimic a UTI, but when patients are tested no UTI is present. This is often indicative of pelvic floor dysfunction being a contributing factor. While pelvic floor therapy doesn’t treat the infection itself, by working with patients on improving pelvic floor function, toileting, tissue health, dietary/lifestyle factors, and bladder retraining; we can help you break that vicious cycle to reduce occurrence of UTIs, or sensation that you have an infection.


Patients with recurrent UTIs live their lives in fear of the next infection, and oftentimes restrict their activities - being fearful of intercourse, getting in the swimming pool, going too long without a bathroom, and also suffering with the effects of chronic antibiotic use which can impact the the body in many other ways. Let us help you learn to manage these symptoms so you can get your quality of life back and return to the activities you love without fear.

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