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Bladder and Bowel Control


Urinary Urgency, Frequency, and Overactive Bladder Syndrome

Do you get a strong urge to pee that causes you to rush to the bathroom (sometimes with urine running down your leg), or do you feel like you’re living in the bathroom from peeing all the time? Symptoms of hyperactive urge to urinate can become all consuming and often times totally disrupt life. A not well known fact is that normal urinary frequency is every 2-4 hours/day and 0-1/night. It is also not normal to feel sudden, strong urges that are difficult or impossible to control.


Urgency and/or frequency symptoms are often signs of pelvic floor or bladder dysfunction, and these symptoms can often be resolved by working with a physical therapist to identify and address causes such as problems with the abdomen, pelvic floor, nervous system, and lifestyle factors such as fluid intake, diet, stress management, and urgency trigger retraining. You can control your bladder, don’t let it control you! 

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